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Blueprint Muscle offers seasonal indoor and outdoor boot camps that are well known for helping clients stay focused and develop lean, toned, and healthy bodies. Our boot camps are designed to fit the needs of people of all fitness levels, sizes, and ages. Whether you’re tired of the same old routine or you’d like to take the first big step towards reaching your fitness goals, Blueprint Muscle’s boot camps are a great choice. Our boot camps give you a friendly nudge of encouragement that pushes you to take your fitness to the next level.

Our results-driven boot camps are designed to help you lose body fat while increasing your strength and cardiovascular efficiency. The classes are challenging, motivating, and fun. They consist of full-body workouts and weight training as well as core work and obstacle work for endurance.

Unlike other companies, we offer boot camps with small groups to ensure correct form. In addition, we don’t take a military-esque, yell-in-your-face approach – our boot camps provide a supportive, team-oriented environment. While we encourage you to only compete against yourself, we do believe that working alongside others can help you achieve amazing results. Contact Blueprint Muscle today for more information about our boot camps.